Ladylike Lessons… The Book!

Remember Christmas, 2012 ( probably not, but humor me)? I put together a carefully cultivated list of my favorite things and called it #LadylikeFavs for the Holidays. (To jog your memory see below.) Well the inspiration for that list, my Ladylike Lessons twitter account is now a book! That’s right, Ladylike Lessons: A Guide to Feminine Empowerment, Elegance and Etiquette is now available on

In other news, I’m now on Facebook, please do me a favor and “like” the Ladylike Lessons page.

That being said I’m going to go ahead and bid adieu to this wordpress blog. It will remain in place but for future updates please follow the Ladylike Lessons Facebook page and look for a roll out of this spring. Thank you for all of the love and support through the years!

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#LadyLikeFavs for the Holidays!

Along with my personal twitter account (@ChelseaLynR) I have a supplemental account called @LadyLikeLessons. @LadyLikeLessons focuses on social graces in the modern world, the finer things in life, how to’s, ladylike advice, etc. I use a hashtag called #ladylikefavs periodically to call attention to items that are particularly useful within a refined, ladylike lifestyle. So since Christmas and several other traditional gift giving holidays are coming up (or in our midst, Chanuka Sameach, to my Jewish readers). I thought I would take the opportunity to put together a more festive, gift worthy list. I have broken the list down into several categories, primarily based upon price point.

Fabulous and Under $50

Chevron Folio For New IPAD or IPAD 2-Available at Target

This is adorable and truly a great price. It’s the only IPAD case that I have seen for under $150 that I genuinely like.


Proenza Schouler

NM + Target Abstract-Print Sweatshirt



I ordered this sweatshirt at 3 a.m the night that the Target/Neiman Marcus items went on sale. (I know, I really need to stop shopping in bed.) This is really a cute, yet sophisticated top that goes from Yoga to a quick nip for coffee afterward. I especially like the asymmetrical shape. Longer in back than in front. I would get to this one quickly if you like it, however quantities don’t appear to be as limited as previous Target collaborations.

A trip to DryBar!




“DryBar, love at first sight”

I really don’t have a problem admitting that I am addicted to this place. It has taken 10+ years in NYC for me to figure out how to consistently get my hair to look the way that I want and DryBar is a major part of the equation. Big shout out to Lisa at the Flatiron location.

This is kinda of a part one, two, or three if you are lucky, part experience. After the appointment it would be nice to have somewhere to show off that new blow out. Dinner or drinks anyone?

Kenneth Jay Lane

Golden Initial Pin


The perfect way to individualize a favorite sweater or top.

Tory Birch Tech Accesories

$50 and under

Smart, sophisticated yet girly.


So, you really like me…? (< $300)

Hint/Tip- This is the first category of items, that it would be appropriate for a boyfriend, with any type of job, to select a gift from. Just saying…

Spa /Salon Services – I’m leaving this one a bit open ended. If you want info on a specific location please contact me directly. I should clarify that a Spa and Salon are two separate facilities. Most businesses purporting to be both are usually just glorified salons with a room in the back for massages. Also, just select a gift amount and let the receiver select their own service. With that in mind here are some suggestions.

The Wynn/Encore in Las Vegas, NV

As far as I am concerned both of these facilities are two of the nicest in the country. This is coming from someone who has been known to use the word “spa” as a verb.



Before you think I have had a lapse in creativity… this is actually a different gift.

6 blow outs for $225



the ‘Regular’: For $75 per month you receive: (must inquire in store)

  • 2 Blowouts + 1 free Floater (head/neck massage)
  • 10% off all products.
  • Saves you $15 a month.

Jose Eber Flat Iron

$100 -$300

I can say without hesitation that this thing has changed my life. It is essential for women with textured hair. ESSENTIAL. I know. A flat iron for over $100. Seems pricey. Worth every red penny. This tool leaves your hair in better condition than it was found. You get shiny, well curled hair with body. And it stays, without hair spray. I have been singing it’s praises since I got mine in October.

While we are pampering ourselves let’s talk about linens. Exactly what type of thread count are you working with? As my neighbor from my freshman year dorm once said, “Sheets are not the place to cut your budget.”


Lauren Ralph Lauren

“Huntley” Sheets


450 Thread Count

I know it is super southern of me, but I have to recommend the monogramming. It’s just nice for things to have a personal touch. When given as a gift it shows that you went the extra mile.

So, one of the best home wear stores does not have an online outlet as far as I can find. Wynn Home Store- 702-770-3470. Call there and they will sort you out. The robes ($150) and sheets are absolutely worth every cent.




From $85.


This packaging is great for travel. A wonderful anytime fragrance, day/night, winter/summer.

I’ll Teach Her… (The Non-Gift)

One of my closest friends likes to teach people lessons every once in a while by purchasing gifts that operate as a subtle (and I do mean subtle) dig. I hesitate to give examples here, but oh, it’s fun.

Know someone who wouldn’t know how to send a thank you note if it jumped out and bit them. How about this kind reminder from Papyrus. (various prices)

Let’s say you know someone who is having a baby. And for whatever reason, you are not happy about it. Now before you start, it’s not the baby’s fault, you wish the baby well. It’s the parent (s) that you are not all that thrilled for. How about a romper that is just this side of hideous?

Oh How Thoughtful (Altruism Speaks Volumes)

Hint/Tip-Boyfriends don’t attempt to just give this and walk away. Any non-physical or service gift must accompany a nice evening out.

Sponsor a child through World Vision.

Sponsoring a child is really one of the most humbling and meaningful experiences.  I recommend World Vision highly as a charity. They truly walk their talk.

Heifer International

“Light Up a Life With a Llama” does it get any better than that? So, obviously the traditional gift through Heifer, is a cow, but I love Llamas. I have always wanted to figure out how I could possibly keep one as a pet (stop laughing). There are many animals and projects that can be sponsored. Such a worthy organization.

PBS- Specifically in NYC, WNET Channel 13

Disclaimer: I am on WNET’s Community Advisory Board. But I feel like my first hand knowledge gives me the ability to recommend this organization without reservation. I grew up on public television and in today’s world I think it is more important than ever. I love my brainless reality programing as much as anyone but I also look forward to Sunday nights with Masterpiece. (Downton Abbey, Season 3 premier January 6th!)

Santa Baby! (Sky’s the Limit)

A Great Trip!


Everyone knows that I like the most for the least. With that in mind, a friend of mine, and fellow Costco devotee, recently returned from a trip to Barcelona that she purchased through Costco. I have looked at the website and there are a lot of great options. I am anxious to try one out for myself. HINT, HINT, HINT

Mac Book Pro with Retina Display


Every lady needs a good computer. It’s an important everyday tool for life. While you are at it, might as well get the best.

IPAD with Retina Display


Well, she’s got to put something in that holder that I mentioned above. Realistically though, it is seriously an excellent tool.

A New Puppy


I’ll admit it. This is totally personal. My precious dog Beamer died earlier in the year. I still miss him but I think I am starting to feel ready to meet a new doggy companion. Christmas is really a good time of year to get a new pet. Everyone is around the house. You’ve got more time. Well sort of. Whatever, if the time is right and you have the love in your heart, then get a dog. Obviously I can’t provide any links here. I have heard that it is best to contact local breeders. Those “cute, puppy, palaces” often sell the dogs that breeders could not sell directly to their clients.


Need I say more? If so, then scroll back up the page. You are not ready for all of this…

DateJust Special Edition Rolex, In Rose Gold

In the past I have had issues with Rolex as far as their ladies selection is concerned. They often appear too masculine. But this hot little number ticks all of the boxes. With or without the diamonds, you pick.

So, that’s the list. Something considerate, thoughtful and with the feel of luxury at several price points. Feel free to contact me with suggestions or questions.

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Chelsea-Lyn on the Huffington Post

Hey Friends,

Please have a look at my latest on @HuffingtonPost


2012 World Vision Strong Women Strong World Luncheon: A Woman’s Right to Personal Hygiene



I have been fortunate to be invited as a guest to World Vision’s Strong Women Strong World event for the past three years. I have blogged about my experience on the Huffington Post for the past two. World Vision is a great organization. If you are looking for a unique gift for Christmas ask someone to sponsor a child or make a donation to World Vision on your behalf.

Space did not permit me to mention all of the excellent things that happened at the luncheon. Patricia Heaton, said the most poignant thing at the end of her speech.

“If you have ever given $10 for a well in Africa your name is on it. God see’s your name on it”.

I thought that was lovely. Every little bit helps when it is from the heart.

Don’t forget to comment on the site! Please distribute to your social networks. Image

With Patricia Heaton of “The Middle” and “Everybody Loves Raymond” Ms. Heaton spoke at the event.

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Chelsea-Lyn On Huff Post Live!

Earlier this month, the Huffington Post started a live streaming internet channel called Huff Post Live. It is similar to a cable news network, but online. I was a guest this morning during the Front Page (current events) news segment.

Please share with your social networks. Thanks in advance. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @ChelseaLynR

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The summer… thus far.

“Kids these days. They don’t scare like they used to.”

Monsters, Inc.

So far it has been a fairly blah summer. The thing about it is, it’s weird how things have seemingly mirrored last summer. Emotional disappointments. Check. Fling that started off well and then… “excuse me what happened”? Check. The mirror image has been particularly obvious on the guy front. Well… enough whining.

I actually have some socially relevant commentary.

Last Friday, shortly after midnight West coast time there was a shooting at a showing of the latest Batman movie. (See my Grio article on this topic hear.

The shooting was a senseless tragedy. To be clear no one deserves to be the victim of gun violence, or any form of violence for that mater. I am a hopeless diplomat and believe all conflicts should be sorted out through dialogue. That said, I can not help but to comment on one small detail that has emerged regarding the incident.

Who takes a four or a six year old child to see a dark, loud, violent, movie at any hour of the day?

Let’s be clear. At midnight, or at noon a movie theater should be a physically safe space for any American, regardless of their age. My issue is with the content of the film in question. I should actually say the perceived content because frankly, superhero films are not my thing. No, I haven’t seen a Batman film since Michael Keaton played the lead role. But I have seen the promotional material for this film, and just a still image of Bane makes me want to sleep with the lights on in my apartment. So how is it that a child could see this film and not be scared?

I posed this question to my mother, a retired education professional, last weekend. She reminded me that a lot has changed in the twenty years since I was in the age group of the children who were at the movie theater in Colorado. The proliferation of cable t.v, violent video games, two ongoing American driven wars, a major terror attack on U.S soil… It has all lead to the seemingly more violent society that kids, as well as adults have to exist in.

Mother is right (as per usual). At the same time, I still think it’s a sign that American society is worst off, not better. I can still vividly remember being scared and having to be taken out of a showing of Roald Dahl’s “Witches” as a kid. (rated PG) The thought of the scene at the conference where they strip out of their everyday wear and slip into “witch casual” still frightens me. I still wouldn’t watch that movie alone, especially not at night.

I also reminded my mom of the time that she took me to see some sort of “Dinosaur Alive” type of exhibit at a local museum. It was very dark inside the main exhibit… All I remember were the wailing sounds of “dinosaurs” and catching a glimpse of a triceratops. Wild horses couldn’t have dragged me past the front corridor. I refused to go inside. My mom had to ask for a refund for the tickets.

I was no scardy cat. These were natural reactions for a child of my age and of the era. What’s going on in a world where a four or a six year old is seemingly no longer scared by the things that go bump in the night? A child shouldn’t have any major concerns in life. What’s for snack? Is it time to go to ballet? These should be the perplexing issues for a four or six year. Perhaps the fact that today’s children have to be concerned about being shot at a movie theater makes Bane and maybe even The Witches seem a lot less scary.

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My week with Occupy Wall Street and an Indian Wedding (Part 1)

Kamini and Chelsea

So, last week was very interesting. One of the best that I have had in a very long time. (Let’s be clear that I am counting from Sunday. Certain parties will understand why Saturday, the evening in particular, was not a good day.) Monday I went into Zuccotti Park to speak with protestors at Occupy Wall Street. Everyone that I spoke with was really open and willing to speak to me. I got several good interviews.

Thursday, Pat Moore, chair of Community Board 1’s Quality of Life Committee generously allowed me to interview her at her home. Pat is one busy lady. Most of her evenings are consumed by her work for the community so I greatly appreciated her time.

In the end I was very happy with how the article turned out.

Are drummers beating heart of Occupy Wall Street?

 Laugh of all laughs, the editor asked me to take a picture of the drummers for the story at the last minute. I am not a photographer, but I did the best that I could. The picture that accompanies the article was taken with my blackberry’s camera. Not bad, if I do say so myself. Well kids, that is the story of how I got my first photo credit 🙂

Yesterday, was my friend Kamini’s sangeet. A sangeet is a traditional part of an Indian wedding. It is held a week or so before the actual wedding ceremony. It sort of seems like an engagement party, with the exception being the proximity to the actual wedding ceremony. Kamini’s sangeet was beautiful. She was absolutely a picture of grace and poise. She brought tears to my eyes.  It is a blessing to be able to share in these special moments with my friends.

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Media Alert! Chelsea-Lyn to be heard on AM 1200 in Detroit

If you are in the Detroit market, please tune into the “Inside Detroit” with Mildred Gaddis, tomorrow at 8:20 a.m. (When I say tomorrow I mean Wednesday. Oh dear I need to get to bed.) The interview will be simulcast on the internet here…

I’ll be discussing my article “Would ‘legalizing it’ make life better for black Americans?”

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Anita Hill Hailed as a Heroine 20 Years Later and My Jet setting Life

A Good Professional Hair and Makeup Job Never Hurt Anyone!

 Anita Hill Hailed as a Heroine 20 Years Later

When I was at Hunter College Saturday for “Sex, Power and Speaking Truth: Anita Hill 20 Years Later” I could tell that the event was going to turn into a great story for me. I didn’t get a one on one interview with Prof. Hill, but I did ask her a question during the Q and A period after her keynote address. She was very gracious and we engaged in a nice exchange. I got a lot of applause and kudos from the audience, which felt wonderful. Another whirlwind day, I didn’t sit down for an actual meal until I got to a homecoming dinner for Pace University, later that night. 

Frankly, it had been a whirlwind two-week period. I was scheduled to go to MI October 6th. I ended up taking an impromptu  trip to Las Vegas for the first three days of the week. I had a great time! I was staying in the Tower Suites at The Wynn. As far as I’m concerned Steve Wynn’s hotels in Vegas are two of the nicest in the world. (And you know I have stayed in many hotels on several continents) So imagine my excitement when I saw Mr. Wynn in the flesh one night at dinner! I was also seated right next to Wayne Newton at lunch one day. It was a great trip. My only complaint was that it was too short.

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On The Grio Today…

NJ’s Black Population Doesn’t Put Christie on a Pedestal

Today’s story was a challenge, but I did it! To be honest I am very proud of the end results. I got great interviews yesterday from Sheila Y. Oliver, the Speaker of New Jersey’s state Assembly and Brigid Harrison a professor at Montclair University. Both women were dynamic and elequent.The story was NJ focused so I didn’t branch out too much geographically, but I did speak to two people who I had no direct connection to previously. How about that for expanding my network 🙂

 Don’t forget to share with your social networks.

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Violent crime is down but at what cost?

Violent crime is down but at what cost?

In yesterday’s article (yes, I know I’m a day behind, but I had to flee my apartment because of the intensity of the construction noise) I looked at the reported 12% drop in violent crime and what that really means for African Americans. I focused on New York and Detroit.

For the future I am really looking to branch out beyond these two cities. I have lived in the metro areas of New York and Detroit and have good contacts in both. With such fast turn around times I have not been able to get interviews in time from people from other areas. For this last story I actually contacted three historically black colleges/universities in Atlanta and Washington D.C Monday afternoon before the close of business, but no one was able to get back to me before my deadline Tuesday.

So if you or someone you know is generally interested in commenting for the press and has an area of expertise please let me know. I have gotten some great interviews so far, but it is important to me that my stories are well rounded and show diversity.

As always, please post to your social networks, don’t forget to follow me @chelsealynr on Twitter and thanks for reading.

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