Who is Chelsea-Lyn Rudder?

Chelsea-Lyn Rudder is a New York City-based author, communications specialist, journalist and blogger. Her work has appeared on the Huffington Post, The Grio, and several other local publications. With a background in government and politics, she has worked for the New York City Council and on the campaigns of several elected officials. In 2009, she was named one of “The Most Beautiful People in NYC Politics” by City Hall Newspaper (now known as City and State). She is a member of the WNET, Channel Thirteen, Community Advisory Board and is an appointee to the Board of Trustees Education Committee for the local PBS affiliate. She holds an M.S in Global Affairs from New York University and a B.A in Communications and Political Science from Pace University. Miss Rudder is a native of Rochester Hills, Michigan, and is a former Miss Michigan Teen USA.

Chelsea-Lyn’s first book, Ladylike Lessons: A Guide to Feminine Empowerment, Elegance and Etiquette, is available on Amazon.com .

Join the Ladylike Revolution at LadylikeLessons.com .

Please direct media and speaking engagement requests to RequestCLR@gmail.com .


6 Responses to Who is Chelsea-Lyn Rudder?

  1. Deana says:

    Do you have any recent blogs? Is there a new site or something?

  2. Lawrence Kulak says:

    Hi Chelsea Lyn,
    I observed how that mousy looking Crimson [omited by moderator] Alicia Menendez rudely cut you off during the gun control segment this morning. All you were doing was making an intellectual observation about how in Canada they have guns but not the same degree of gun violence and you were abruptly interrupted by this anti-intellectual twit. It is obvious that Menendez did not get to Harvard on her looks, and perhaps got to carry the makeup bucket during teen pageants, but if she is so against intellectual debate the question IS how DID she get into Harvard? Daddy maybe, or some “under the table antics” perhaps?

    • chelsealynr says:

      She tweeted me a minute ago and said she “loved” my comment, but the producers ” wanted us to substantiate what happened before moving onto opinions”.

      A few people tweeted me with remarks similar to yours. I originally thought they couldn’t hear me because I had some technical issues at the beginning og the segment.

  3. Lawrence Kulak says:

    Chelsea baby,
    As a sister I am sure you are no “fool”. Don’t you think that a Harvard “education” includes learing how to lie with the best of them? The girl is obviously full of it. Your comment was neither to love or hate but to simply let be as an intellectual observation. If she was taking on air cues from her handlers that would only make her a puppet, but I do not even believe that.

  4. Lawrence Kulak says:

    As a noted cbs sportscaster says, “lets go to the videotape”. If you do, it can obviously seen that the segment is about opinions. And yours was apparently not radical enough for our ‘Harvard trained friend’ even though she did not let you fully state it. Wasn’t there an equivalent university in the Soviet Union that she could have attended? Perhaps Hugo Chavez could have accomodated her educational needs. By the way, she sent me off an e mail with the same BS that she sent you and then promptly blocked me from accessing her facebook page. So much for candor.

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